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CommercialSearch – best known under the Yardi family of software platforms – just ran a study on the top cities for worker flexibility. And wouldn’t you know it? Two cities in Central Florida hit the top 20: Tampa (#3) and Orlando (#15).  

People are looking for a better work/life balance these days, and thanks to the global pandemic, employees discovered we can be productive if we aren’t physically in the office every day. We have really embraced the hybrid work model here in Tampa! We scored 66.68 points across the survey’s variable criteria: hybrid job listings, housing costs compared to household incomes, commute time, available coworking space, custom life quality index, and high-speed internet coverage. Tampa had the 3rd-most hybrid job listings and the 4th-most coworking spaces per 100,000 residents – driving it to the top three national rankings and the Florida cities best for hybrid workers.  

CommercialSearch declared Tampa “has become a destination of choice for some of the biggest names in town” (including Nestle). Employers save money on office costs and can source talent nationwide for a mix of in-person and remote workers. While that makes for a more competitive talent pool, it also opens up more job opportunities for job seekers. 

But the best part about hybrid jobs? Being able to enjoy your well-deserved house because you’re there more often! How many of us work hard all day but barely get a chance to savor our morning cup of coffee before we sit in traffic? Wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage of a quick dip in the pool right before dinner instead of burning up time on the commute home? And have furry Fido or purring Sylvester at our feet while we tap away on our computers?  

Many houses offer opportunities to build out a cozy home office oasis where you focus and then literally open the door to step right into your kitchen and prepare a scrumptious lunch. While working at home isn’t for everyone, when done right, it can afford you a chance to work hard and play hard with a better quality of living in a space you love.  

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