how to sell your house in tampa

When it’s finally time to make a move, selling your house can be just another stressful item on an already overwhelming checklist. Between finding a new home, packing, moving, and settling in, there’s already so much to keep track of and get done without worrying about if and when your previous home will sell. There are many things to keep in mind when selling your home, but here are some of the most important.

Find a Reputable Agent

The first thing you want to do is research local real estate agents. Although you can sell without a Realtor (sell by owner) in Florida, finding an agent is advised for many reasons. They are experienced at this, make their living from it, and are able to handle all the little details you may miss. Additionally, having someone on your side selling your home will take significant amounts of stress off your plate. Plus, they can easily maneuver you through the process and provide you with invaluable advice so you can get the best price for your house.

A lot goes into selling a home—make sure you get the most from yours with a reputable Tampa Realtor that will help you throughout the process and take care of all the little details that will make your home stand out and attract more buyers. 

Pricing Your Home

Once you’ve signed with an agent, it’s time to figure out how to price your home. 

Finding the right balance between expectations and market conditions may be a compromise—you need to decide whether it’s more important to you to get a higher priced sale or to sell your house quickly. 

Thanks to extensive real estate expertise, an agent can help you best determine the right price at which to list your home. By considering comps in the area, the current market, and your home’s features, your agent can work with you to find the ideal listing price. 

Home Staging

Before your home debuts on the market, take care of any small repairs or home improvement projects that may add value to your home. Things like refreshing your deck, maximizing your curb appeal, and installing hardwood floors can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Regular maintenance should be performed as well. Make sure air filters have been changed, the lawn is well taken care of, and paint is pristine. Scent can be a major factor here as well. Keep your rooms smelling clean and fresh and not too heavily perfumed with sprays and oils. 

Staging the home is crucial if you plan to leave some furniture in your home during showings. Although you can move out completely beforehand, it may be wise to leave rooms furnished so potential buyers can really envision what the home can look like. Be sure to declutter at this point, though. Think Marie Kondo—minimalism is key here. Leave the large items (like beds, dressers, desks, and couches) and some decorative pieces to show the space without crowding a guests’ eyes. A Realtor can really help with this stage as well, giving advice and a fresh eye. Also, don’t forget to keep your maintenance going throughout the showing period if you’re living in the home during the showing period.

Professional Photos

Once your home is all set up, it’s time to take some stellar photos. Your Realtor will likely have a great real estate photographer that will be able to capture the essence of your home and help potential buyers envision themselves living there. From capturing the unique features of the home to the views it may provide, your real estate photographer will help create a virtual journey for your home that will get potential buyers interested in learning more.

Writing & Posting Your Listing

While the photographer is capturing excellent images of your home, your real estate agent’s team will be crafting an enticing listing that will be distributed through MLS. 

This listing will provide information about the home’s history, features, and updates, and will also help inform buyers of the types of financing that are accepted, tax assessments, and more.

A knowledgeable Tampa real estate agent will include everything potential buyers want to know in your listing. In addition to sharing info about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, they’ll highlight unique features that will capture buyers’ attention, like fireplaces, hardwood floors, pools, acreage, school district, neighborhood info, and more.

Running Showings & Open Houses

Your Realtor will time your listing to help get you the most views, and if appropriate, schedule an open house to start generating interest about your house. In addition, she will handle scheduling of private showings.

If you’re still living in your home, your Realtor will work with you to find times when it’s convenient to show your home. However, you will need to manage the upkeep of the home’s appearance during this time and make sure it is presentable before showings.

Accepting Offers & Closing

When you get that offer you may think your work is done, but it’s not quite yet! It’s time to enter the negotiating phase. 

Keep in mind certain numbers: what you’ve asked for, the lowest you’ll accept, and the average price of nearby options. Hopefully, there will be multiple offers that you can pick through to find a great new owner for your home. Your Tampa Realtor can help you sift through the offers and communicate with the real estate agents representing the buyers. A Realtor’s knowledge of the process truly shines at this juncture. She can better help you determine when you should accept an offer, when to ask for more, and when to consider certain contract amendments so you can get the most for your home. She will also help you navigate through closing and all that it entails.

There’s a lot to think about when selling a home, but when you get a professional Tampa Realtor on your side, you can simplify the process and use her expertise to your benefit. Ready to get started? Give me a call today.