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It probably isn’t surprising that celebrities make their home here in Tampa. The Rock, Derek Jeter, Tom Brady, Brian Johnson (AC/DC), and Stephen King have all lived in the region. Three well-known professional sports organizations that also call the Tampa Bay region home are the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL), Tampa Bay Rays (MLB), and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL). 

Not only is the quality of life in Tampa outstanding for the cost of living, but the return on investment, gorgeous beaches, buzzing nightlife, and diverse cultures attract people from all walks of life – and many celebrities have taken notice!  

Let me take you on a mini voyage where celebrities make their home in Tampa, with a glimpse into the hidden wealth and lifestyles of numerous celebs and well-known figures. Let’s get into learning about the celebrities that live in Tampa! 

Tom Cruise 

Amidst the allure of Tampa’s bay area, one well-known celebrity that shines bright is none other than Hollywood icon Tom Cruise. The charismatic actor, known for his roles in iconic films, is undoubtedly one of the most famous people that live in the Tampa Bay region. 

Cruise’s remarkable $10M penthouse in Clearwater is a testament to his distinguished taste and appreciation for luxury. With floor-to-ceiling windows lining an entire section of the home, the apartment features captivating views of Clearwater Beach and landscaped surroundings, blending the allure of Hollywood, California, with the enchantment of Florida’s coastline.  

His flat has more than 20,000 square feet of space over two floors, with four bedrooms, a gym, a game room, and of course – a home movie theatre. There’s also a 39-foot infinity pool, hot tub, solarium, and a bar on the roof deck, plus a car elevator with a private garage! 

John Travolta 

While he recently sold his place in Clearwater for a cool $4M, another well-known face in Hollywood, John Travolta, has found comfort in a $10M luxury five-bedroom mansion in Ocala on 550 acres. Did you know that outside of his fame as an actor, he’s also a talented dancer and an accomplished pilot? He even turned his property into a haven for aviation enthusiasts by adding a private airfield. 

Travolta built his residence back in the 1990s and included an airport, airstrip, and parking for two of his jets. Because… convenience! He and his late wife, Kelly Preston, were the first to buy and develop a home on the US’s only private runway – a runway that boasts a length of 3,600 feet. 

If that were not enough, the property has an 8,700 square-foot conference center, 17 unsold estates, 16 car garage (with a custom parkour setup), a pool with a slide, and a golf course. 

John Cena 

Traveling north to Land O’ Lakes, the powerful presence of wrestling superstar John Cena graces the region with a grand mansion in Nature’s Reserve. Known for his massive success in WWE and beyond, Cena’s large mansion clearly shows his commitment to being the best. 

His luxurious $4M, almost 11,00 square foot estate combines fancy living with comfort, reflecting both Cena’s larger-than-life wrestling image and his appreciation for the finer things. Interestingly, he “bought low” and made lots of renovations to increase the home’s value exponentially, featuring five bedrooms and four bathrooms, vaulted ceilings, a gentleman’s cigar room, a spectacular master bedroom with a fireplace, and an indoor swimming pool that has a rock cave and water slide. 

Kenan Thompson 

Famous for his uproarious humor on television, Kenan Thompson has carved out a comfortable spot for himself in the heart of Tampa, Florida. The Tampa lifestyle is his retreat from the hustle and bustle of his SNL gig in New York. 

Stepping into Thompson’s $2M Tampa abode feels like entering a welcoming embrace where the atmosphere exudes warmth. With a sprawling master bedroom and many open-style floor plans throughout the home, it feels spacious and cozy at the same time. It features a home movie theatre, billiards and game rooms, and a patio with a gorgeous backyard view with an outdoor BBQ, pool, and pier to a boat dock and waterfront.  

Hulk Hogan 

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan grew up in Tampa and loved the area so much that he never left. He has a $3.3M 5,000 square foot home on Clearwater Beach near the Carlouel Yacht Club that overlooks the gulf. This larger-than-life American icon has chosen the sunny and picturesque shores of Tampa Bay for his home, with an elevator, fireplace, pool, and two spas. The result is a beautiful retreat that blends his personality with the surroundings. 

Dave Bautista 

From the WWE Ring to Hollywood and now to the world of real estate, Dave Bautista has become an essential figure in Tampa’s celebrity scene with his fantastic mansion. The property’s modern design and sophisticated look creates a fortress-like feel – gray, split-block, and with real flaming torches on the outer walls!  

His Tampa home is close enough to be almost in the “backyard” of MacDill Air Force Base (close enough to hear reveille and the Star Spangled Banner bookending his day). It’s a clear example of his unique style. 

Brian Johnson 

Brian Johnson of AC/DC has lived in Sarasota (on Bird Key) since 1995 in a private 4,000-square-foot waterside oasis, complete with a boat dock, waterfront pool, and tennis court. He is rumored to have 25-30 luxury cars.  

However, this was not his only property – he and his wife recently donated property they owned to Sarasota nonprofit All Star Children’s Foundation, which focuses on safe havens for victims of child abuse.   

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