tampa luxury homes

Finding your dream home is no easy task. There is a long list of other items to consider before entering into contract in addition to aesthetics and location. If you are in the market for a luxury home in Tampa, here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself and your trusted local Realtor.

What is “luxury” to you?

One person’s luxury is another person’s average. This all comes down to the features we expect when we purchase a property. Are you looking for a spacious waterfront home? Plenty of space for entertaining? A unique outdoor living space? 

When shopping for a luxury home, you should first define luxury for yourself so you can be clear on your wants and needs when it comes time to talk to a Tampa Realtor. For example, you may come up with the following: 

We are looking for a four-plus-bedroom home with a large master en-suite, an open floor plan, and a pool close to the water. We would like to be in a community and close to area schools and golf courses.

You may also want to consider how much work you want to put into a property. Some properties can be renovated to improve their luxury feel. Are you willing to gut an average home to upgrade it? If so, let your Realtor know! If you want a move-in-ready home, that is important to share, too. Communicate your must-haves with your Realtor so she can schedule tours of the properties that best match your list.

Is the home private/secure?

Neighbors are a fact of real estate. Depending on the type of property you are looking home you may want to identify the level of privacy or security you have.

For example, if you are looking to live in a community is there fencing between the homes? How close are the neighbors? Are there rules regarding the types of fences or barriers that can be erected? If the community is gated, you should ask about the security procedures of the neighborhood.

Suppose you are interested in a luxury condo. In that case, you may want to consider whether soundproofing has been installed, what the procedure is for visiting guests, and how the doorman or security guard vets visitors.

What luxury features come with the home?

For some individuals shopping for a luxury Tampa home, high-end appliances are a must and need to be included in the home. However, others may want to order their preferred brands. This is an easy enough swap, as is installing any security or smart home features.

It is always easier, however, when the items you want already come with the home. Ensure that you understand the home’s features and check how old the appliances or electronics are. Smart home technology has come a long way. If the home you are looking at hasn’t been upgraded in a while, it may need additional investment to bring the tech up to spec.

Are there any additional costs?

Be sure to inquire about any additional costs like Homeowners’ Association fees or any membership fees if you are located in a community that has a golf course or pool. Not only do you not want to be surprised further down the line, but this also helps you better understand any amenities that may be available with a particular home or condo. For example, if you have community fees, are you able to rent clubhouse space for gatherings? Can you invite guests to the golf course? 

Are there any plans to develop the surrounding area?

Purchasing a luxury home and having it decrease in value because of nearby development can be a nightmare! When investing in a home, it is important to know what changes may be in the works in the surrounding area. Will there soon be construction on a nearby bridge? Further home development in the community?

Your Realtor may already know this, and if not, she will happily investigate to get you the answer so you can be secure in your purchase.

How convenient is it to the things that matter to you?

If you are not familiar with the area, be sure to check that the home’s or condo’s location is as convenient as possible for your lifestyle. If you plan to use your luxury Tampa home as a vacation home, you may want to consider the distance to the airport, cultural attractions, and the beach. Is your home convenient to restaurants and theaters? Do you want to be able to walk from your condo to an organic supermarket? 

If you will be commuting frequently, you may want to be close enough to major roadways that you can easily get to the office but far away enough that you are not hampered by traffic or noisy roadways.

Share this info with your Realtor, and she will help pinpoint the neighborhoods where you may be happiest.

What is the real estate market outlook for luxury homes in this particular area/subdivision?

Your Realtor can help you learn more about any Tampa neighborhood or subdivision. If you are not familiar with Tampa, this can be exceedingly helpful as you investigate the market and hone in on where you may want to live or purchase properties. 

Be clear about your goals, and your Realtor can help you make them a reality! For example, if you are interested in being near the best private schools in Tampa to support your children’s growth, your Realtor can narrow down your home search and provide you with the most appropriate listings. If you are looking for luxury homes in areas that are primed to increase in value, she can help provide you with information regarding past and recent real estate trends to make an informed decision.

When looking for a luxury home in Tampa, leave the heavy lifting to your Realtor. As a Tampa native, I love helping area residents and newcomers find the home of their dreams. I will use your input to narrow the field and present you with the homes that best match your needs and wants. Contact me today to get started!