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The Florida population continues to boom. More than half a million people traded in their driver’s licenses as new residents of Florida in 2022, according to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles database.

People from foreign countries were the largest group, with 115,465 licenses issued in the Sunshine State. In the US, New York and New Jersey ranked #1 and #2 for driver’s license tradeoffs. And this probably comes as no surprise, given the tax shifts and tech company exodus over the last few years: California came in third and was 57% higher than its previous six-year average. 

Living in Florida is a no-brainer for us locals when it comes to lifestyle – and everyone else is catching onto our warm sunny weather, low-tax environment, and outdoor living! Within the past year, many big tech corporations are also opening new Tampa offices, bolstering the housing market with blossoming urban centers and new work opportunities. 

Despite the push for workers to return to the office, experts predict it’s doubtful major cities will ever return entirely to their pre-pandemic work model. Remote work is here to stay. This means remote workers who became locals during the pandemic are happy to remain right where they are. 

We’ve experienced a slight pause in the real estate industry at the start of the year as everyone regains their bearings from our erratic economy over the last few years, but the Tampa market remains strong. The National Realtors Association reported pending home sales rose 2.5% in December. Pandemic-boosted migration, corporate construction, and job prospects have lured new residents, but the incredible Tampa lifestyle is what keeps them here. Looking to get some real estate advice in this popular Tampa market? I know this market like the back of my hand, having lived here my entire life. I’d love to have a chat with you anytime to discuss your needs, and also show you around!