What to Look for in a Luxury Condo

Single-family homes are not for everyone. We do not all want to maintain a yard or worry about the exterior of a home. If you prefer the amenities of a luxury condo or are thinking that you may prefer a condo over a home, here is what you should look for when shopping for a new place.

Pinpoint What Matters to You

Not all amenities are created equal. If you have particular wants, write them down so you can see how each property stacks up. 


If you want to be in a particular neighborhood, a short walk from the beach, or in the center of it all, let your Realtor know! The location of a condo can have a huge impact on your lifestyle. Some of us like to walk to restaurants, while others do not mind a short drive.

If you prefer a condo that allows you to walk everywhere, want to be in a particular school district, or are looking to cut your commute down, share this info with your Realtor so she can compile a list of the best available units for you.


Consider how you will be entering and exiting your condo and how guests will get in. Does the condo have a staffed entry, or just a pin code entry? Can you buzz guests up, or do you need to call the front desk to advise them? Is the condo area gated?

Landscaping & Outdoor Space

A luxury condo will undoubtedly have beautiful landscaping. If, however, you also want walking trails, grills, or picnic areas, make sure to take a tour of the outdoor spaces to see if they will meet your needs.


Will you have an assigned spot? Are there covered spots or garages to protect your vehicle? How easy is it for guests to park? Check the parking situation of each listing to understand how you will be managing your vehicle.


A delicious dip in a pool on a hot day is quite a treat. If the size of the pool — or the number of pools — matter to you, make sure to check into this.


Some condos maintain great gyms so that residents do not have to worry about home workout equipment or trek to another gym. If fitness is important to you, ask about what equipment they have, how it is maintained, and gym operation hours to see if their gym matches your fitness needs.

Boat Slip or Water Access

If you love being on the water and envision fishing from your condo’s pier or dropping a boat in the water, add a boat slip or water access to your must-have list. 


Love playing doubles? Has pickleball caught your fancy? Shooting hoops help you relax? If you enjoy outdoor sports, check to see if your potential condo has courts available for your athletic activities. Tennis courts, pickleball courts, or basketball courts can make it easy to get in some fun exercise.

Gathering Space or Club House

If you like entertaining, see if your potential condo has a space residents can reserve for parties or gatherings. This can make it easier to host large events.


In single-family homes, garages and sheds tend to become storage havens for a variety of tools and less-frequently used items. If you have certain items, like a kayak, for example, you may need to identify storage solutions. Some condos offer additional storage spaces or even garages so you can house your beach chairs with ease.

Other Amenities

Some condos feature car wash stations, dog parks, and other amenities to tempt potential residents. You may encounter some amenities you had not even considered as you look for a new home. If you realize any of them are a “must-have,” take note!

Identify Costs

Condo fees cover the costs of security, landscaping, amenities, and more. These are generally monthly fees that you will need to pay in addition to any mortgage payments. To get an accurate picture of what the monthly costs for a luxury condo will be, make sure to check whether it is noted in the listing. If it is not, your Realtor can get you that number. You may also want to see previous fees so you can get a better understanding of how frequently the price increases.

Navigate Restrictions

Condo associations each have their own rules about what is or is not allowed in a building. If you think you may want to renovate, rent, or adopt a pet, make sure to specifically ask about those things when checking out spaces.


Hate the kitchen layout? Want an open floor plan? If you do not like a space as-is, check construction restrictions. You may find that some spaces make it harder to remodel. There may also be an application process for remodels. Find out before placing an offer to limit heartbreak and red tape later on.


If you plan to purchase a Tampa condo to use it as a short-term rental, make sure to check into rental restrictions. Some condo associations limit the ability for owners to use short-term rental sites or place restrictions on the length of allowable stays. For example, they may require that condos be rented for a minimum of 30 days.


Some condos limit pets by type, size, or number. For example, you may be able to have one dog over 35 pounds, but two under 35 pounds. There may also be restrictions on the spaces your pet can access.

Ready to Buy a Tampa Luxury Condo?

If you want insider access to the latest Tampa luxury condo listings, contact me. I will help you find the perfect listings for you so you can focus on touring the best Tampa luxury condos.