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Is there anything you can do to shorten the selling process – and also maximize your financial return?

The answer is yes! A recent study from Zillow showed certain bells and whistles enabled sellers to seal the deal more quickly by a few days – and in some cases, got them a better selling price, too. 

Florida Features: Let’s Talk Money

Buyers in the Tampa market are especially looking for complete storm protection, which means a new roof and hurricane-protective features. According to Zillow, some of the big ticket items that can help close a buyer at a higher sales price include:

  • A steam oven – +5.3% premium
  • Professional appliances – 3.6% premium
  • Hurricane shutters or windows – 2.3% premium

Quartz and soapstone finishes also were desirable to buyers, as were covered patios, outdoor living spaces, and BBQ areas. Of course – 60% of homes that sold in Palm Beach County in Q1 of 2023 had a pool. Not surprising with our enviable outdoor lifestyle in warm, sunny Florida weather!

Help Sell Your Home Faster

You can leverage some other trending home features to  help sell your home in Florida fast. A small investment like a doorbell camera can expedite things by five days, and open shelving can close your sale 3.5 days faster! Here are a few other things that can help get that house sale going for you:

  • Heat pump: +3 days 
  • Fenced backyard: +2.9 days 
  • Mid-century design/furniture: +2.8  
  • Hardwood floors: +2.4 days 
  • Area walkability: +2.4 days 
  • Shiplap: +2.3 days 
  • Gas furnace: +2.3 days 

Unless you’re truly in a big hurry, you will need to calculate what sort of return on investment makes sense for you, as you don’t want to end up overspending just to close on your house a few days earlier. However, I can help you make those strategic decisions. As a Tampa native, I’ve been selling in this market for almost two decades, and I know what works! 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to discuss your needs. I’d love to show you all the insider tips I’ve learned over the years for both buying and selling!