Most Realtors are in agreement: the current real estate market is in recovery mode and things are looking good. The pandemic did slow or delay the sales that generally occur in the spring, and it has changed some buyer behavior as well. It will be interesting to see which of the new behaviors sticks around beyond the pandemic, though with many things these days, only time will tell.

So what are buyers looking for right now?

In one word: space. 

Many buyers have added “home office” to their wishlists, and some are even looking for two. In addition, outdoor space is at a premium. Buyers want larger yards and pools. They want to be able to enjoy the outdoors from their own homes. Add to that pet owners who want the best for their fur babies, like a nice fenced in yard to play catch.  There are also more multigenerational households looking for enough space to house everyone comfortably.

A focus on space is not the only change, however. Buyers are moving more quickly. They are looking at fewer homes before putting in an offer. This may be in part because there is still low inventory.

The pandemic has sparked plenty of changes, but one thing has not changed. To score a gorgeous home in the Tampa area, you need a skilled Realtor. If you are looking to purchase in the area, let’s talk. I would love to help you find your dream home.