Tap Into These 2021 Home Remodeling Trends

Trying to stay up to date with your home remodeling projects? It is no surprise that home projects have seen an uptick in the past year thanks for more time spent about the house. The pandemic increased the amount of people working (and schooling) from home. That time has led to new considerations about how we use space and how to make the spaces we have work better for our current goals.

If you are thinking of starting a home remodeling project, there is one big home remodeling trend you need to be aware of. Because of safety concerns, remodels requiring contractors are taking longer. Plus, with an uptick in such projects, it can even take longer to get a permit. Keep that in mind as you make plans.

With that being said, let’s focus on the fun part of home remodeling: the projects.

Before the pandemic, open spaces were quite popular. Now, contractors are noting that more people want dedicated spaces that help them make the most of their homes. That includes creating home offices and homeschooling nooks.

In addition, more people are taking advantage of their backyards by creating outdoor spaces. From expanding decks to purchasing more outdoor furniture, backyards have been getting quite the makeover this past year!

Another trend on the horizon is the use of bright, bold paint colors. We could all use more joy in our lives and sometimes paint can be the answer. Look for more happy colors on accent walls or even on furniture! If remodeling will not help you achieve your home goals, let’s talk about getting you set up in a new space that fits your needs.