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Tampa golf course communities are a haven for those who crave luxury living meshed with their love for golf. Within these enclaves, one finds not merely entryways to top-tier golfing arenas but also portals to a coveted way of life that harmoniously balances relaxation with vibrancy.

From Avila’s lavish offerings and Cheval’s welcoming vibe for families to Westchase’s dynamic social scene with golf at its heart. Additionally, we’ll explore the diverse housing choices nestled in these areas, offering a glimpse into their unique character. So let us guide you through Tampa Bay’s most prestigious addresses, promising an insider look at luxury living tailored for both amateur and professional players alike.

Exploring Tampa Gold Course Communities

Tampa Bay is a paradise for those who love golf, boasting over 20 prestigious golf communities. Each offers its own unique blend of recreational amenities and exquisite living options.


The Avila Golf & Country Club stands out with its rich amenities that cater to both the avid golfer and families looking for luxury living. Nestled at the heart of Avila, a championship golf course beckons enthusiasts and families alike, offering not just elite links but also tennis courts, swimming pools, and a level of refined living that’s hard to find elsewhere. Discover more about the exclusive Avila Golf & Country Club.

Westchase Community

For those seeking a vibrant community life centered around premier golf experiences, Westchase delivers spectacularly. Renowned for its demanding links and serving as a nexus for social gatherings and open-air leisure pursuits, the Westchase Golf Club shines within the bay vicinity. Explore what makes this place special by visiting their website!

On Top of the World What Defines a Golf Community

A golf community is more than just homes around a golf course. It’s about living in an environment where the greens are your backyard, and every day feels like a vacation. Frequently, these enclaves are safeguarded by gated entrances, which amplify both seclusion and safety for those dwelling within.

At their core, most golf communities boast championship courses alongside tennis courts, swimming pools, and clubhouses filled with activities for all ages. Think of it as having your own country club right at your doorstep.

The allure goes beyond sports facilities; these areas offer a lifestyle that’s both active and leisurely. With amenities designed to foster social connections among neighbors—whether it’s through tournaments or casual gatherings—they create vibrant environments that cater to various interests besides golfing itself.

The Appeal of Living in Tampa Gold Course Communities

Delve into the reasons why Tampa’s golf course communities are highly sought after for their location, amenities, and lifestyle.

Year-Round Sunshine and Waterfront Locations

Tampa Bay’s golf communities offer a unique advantage with their year-round sunshine and stunning waterfront locations. Residents can wake up to beautiful weather and enjoy breathtaking views right from their homes.

Championship Golf Courses

The allure of these neighborhoods is significantly heightened by the inclusion of top-notch golf courses designed for champions: Tampa Palms Golf, Heritage Harbor, Champions Club, and Diamond Hill to name a few. People living here can easily walk onto some of the best golf courses, where they can either work on lowering their scores or just relish playing a game amidst beautiful landscapes.

Resort-Style Swimming Pools

In addition to golf, these Tampa golf course communities also offer resort-style swimming pools. Residents can take a refreshing dip or lounge by the poolside, enjoying the warm Florida weather and the company of neighbors and friends.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

In these neighborhoods, lovers of the great outdoors find their paradise with an extensive array of activities designed to delight and engage. From Olympic-sized swimming pools for morning swims to fitness centers to tennis courts for friendly matches, residents have plenty of options to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

Luxury Living

Homes in Tampa’s golf course communities are known for their luxury and elegance. From spacious interior floor plans to high-end finishes, these homes offer a sophisticated living experience that is hard to match.
Nestled by the water’s edge, Tampa’s golf neighborhoods, like Heritage Isles, dazzle with top-tier comforts and stunning residences, crafting an unmatched lifestyle adventure. Unsurprisingly, the allure of combining opulent living with natural beauty and golfing excitement has made these neighborhoods highly sought after.

Top-Ranked Golf Courses in the Area 

The Westchase Golf Club, with its par 72 course, not only tests golfers of varying abilities but also shines as a key feature within the lively Westchase neighborhood. The carefully crafted courses, with their variety of obstacles, have become a beloved spot for golfers at every level of expertise.

Nestled within the Tampa Bay area, Northdale Golf & Tennis Club offers more than just an 18-hole course; it’s home to top-notch tennis facilities too. Here, passion for golf and tennis merges seamlessly, offering an all-encompassing sports adventure set against a picturesque backdrop.

These clubs are known far and wide for their challenging layouts which cater to everyone from novices trying to improve their game to professionals looking to test their skills against some of the best courses around. If you’re on the hunt for premier golfing experiences or considering joining one of these communities, explore what Westchase Golf Club and Northdale Golf & Tennis Club have to offer.

Real Estate Options Within Tampa’s Golf Communities

If you’re eyeing a spot in one of the coveted Tampa golf course communities, good news: options abound. From the cozy condos at Lake Jovita to the sprawling single-family homes in Hunter’s Green, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Westchase Real Estate

Imagine stepping out your front door to breathtaking views of the award-winning Westchase Golf Club, a meticulously manicured 18-hole course. That’s the everyday reality in Westchase, a premier golf course community. This prestigious neighborhood offers not just opulence, but a promise of living every day like a resort vacation. Whether you crave modern, amenity-rich condos or sprawling, executive estates, your dream home awaits on fairways fringed with luxury.


Nestled within Cheval’s secure gates lies a haven of architectural diversity, all woven seamlessly around the prestigious Club At Cheval. Homes here reflect a variety of styles, catering to those who cherish privacy yet value a strong sense of community.  With top-tier amenities that rival world-class resorts, settling down in Cheval means signing up for a life of unparalleled enjoyment and connection, all while enjoying convenient access to one of the Tampa Bay area’s most prestigious golf courses.

Find Your Dream Tampa Bay Golf Community with Kimmie Fine

Stepping into Tampa golf course communities means embracing a lifestyle where luxury meets leisure. Venturing through Avila, Cheval, Cambridge Cove, and Westchase unveils a tapestry of golf-centered societies where familial warmth intertwines with spirited social engagements.

And let’s not forget the real estate. From condos to custom estates, there’s something for everyone looking to call this paradise home.

Living in one of these prestigious neighborhoods isn’t just about access to great golf; it’s about stepping into a world where your lifestyle dreams become reality. 

Contact me to explore which Tampa Bay golf community is right for you.