sellers expectations

Sellers rely heavily on their real estate agents to market their homes and get them in front of potential buyers. But with the current pandemic slugging on, have those expectations changed?

According to a recent National Association of Realtors report, both buyers and sellers continue to rely on real estate agents in the same way they did before COVID-19. In fact, most sellers and buyers say that the guidance they receive from their trusted Realtors is even more valuable right now. Sellers still want effective marketing, competitive pricing, and to sell their homes quickly.

So how have sellers’ agents meet these needs? Many have embraced virtual technologies to make viewing and showing homes safer for everyone involved. Plus, their marketing efforts have included improved information about the homes to help buyers better visualize the spaces they’re reading about. In terms of pricing, the current market remains a sellers market.

Are you interested in selling your home? With low inventory levels and competitive interest rates for buyers, it is a great time to list your property! Let’s talk about how we can get your home to market fast.