should buyers pay for new roof

Buying a new home can be one of the most stressful journeys one will go through in life. Though being a homeowner comes with immense pride and joy, the purchasing process comes with many highs and lows.

Add to it a home with serious renovation needs, and you can bet you will feel in over your head at some point.

Say you want to buy a home that has significant roof issues. When is it reasonable to ask the seller to replace the roof? Further, what happens when the home buyer wants the seller to pay for a new roof?

Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more!

Reasons a Buyer May Want a Seller to Pay for a New Roof

Buying a home that needs a roof replacement is a significant caveat, so potential buyers take on a considerable risk when purchasing a home with a roof that is not in good condition. If the roof needs major repairs or replacement, the buyer may ask the seller to pay for the renovations. Let’s explore this further below.

Roof Lifespan

Although maintaining a home can help homeowners reduce the need to replace major housing components, inevitably, all things need replacing. 

The age of the roof will go a long way in determining whether it’s at the end of its lifespan. Most roofs in Tampa last just under 20 years due to harsh climate conditions.  

If your roof is at the end of its lifespan and requires a full replacement, it is reasonable for the buyer to ask the seller to pay for it. The buyer will also likely request a gutter inspection before installing the new roof. 

Improperly Installed Roof

An old roof can last much longer than an improperly installed one. So, when asking your home inspection questions, don’t forget to ask about the home’s roof. 

If the home inspection finds issues with the roof, you should hire a roofing company to conduct a more in-depth roof inspection. 

Knowing all the issues before purchasing the home is vital because, as insurance companies will tell you, homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover roofing issues from improperly installed roofs. And since all lenders require you to have homeowner’s insurance, this can be a massive huddle for buyers, especially if they already know about the problems. 

This is why you should only hire roofers from licensed and insured companies. You cannot hold roofing contractors without licensing and insurance liable for their poor work. You probably also won’t be able to use the manufacturer’s warranty for a bad roof job. 

Major Roof Repairs

The buyer can bear the costs of a roof needing minor roof repairs. But if the condition of the roof is such that it requires significant repairs, the buyer can ask the seller to pay for it. 

Roof damage is often easy to spot because of mismatching colors and patched areas. Not only does it look ugly, but these repairs can lead to another (more expensive) house roof repair for the new owner. 

Should a Seller Pay for a New Roof?

Under most circumstances, the seller does not need to pay for a new roof, though they must disclose any significant issues. 

Yet, good faith can go a long way in selling the home. When the seller pays for a new roof, it can help close the deal. If the seller doesn’t disclose the problems, the home inspector will identify them, should they exist. This may cause buyers to walk away. 

Instead, the seller can use the new roof to increase the home’s value and raise the sale price. The new roof will also improve the overall condition of the home, adding to the home appraisal. This works out favorably for the seller, and the buyer doesn’t have to worry about a faulty roof. 

Options When a Buyer Wants a Seller to Pay for a New Roof? 

You can handle a poor roof when selling your home in several ways. Let’s look at them further.

Find Another Buyer

First, you can always wait for another buyer. While many buyers will want you to replace the roof, some won’t bat an eye at an old roof like real estate investors.

These people may even make you a cash offer so they can swoop in, buy your property for a great price, renovate it, and sell it for a profit.

Your real estate agent can help you determine whether waiting for a new buyer is a good idea based on current market conditions.

Take the Cost of a New Roof Off the Asking Price

If the seller doesn’t wait for a new buyer, they can subtract the cost of a new roof from the asking price.

A recent article from states that roof replacement costs can range from $3.50 to $18 per square foot, depending on the roofing materials. Some types of roofing, like asphalt shingles, are inexpensive, while others, like slate or tile singles, are costly.

Thus, the seller should get several quotes to determine how much to subtract from the purchase price.

Replace the Roof Before Closing

Negotiating a new roof after the inspection is not ideal but, if necessary, another option is to agree to a contingency stating the seller will replace the roof before settling the closing costs.

The buyer will still get a home with a roof upgrade, paid for by the seller.

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When the buyer wants the seller to pay for a new roof, it’s essential to explore all options to specify whose responsibility it is to bear the costs.

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