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Getting ready to sell, unsure of the first steps to make your new home cozy, or just feeling a little blasé about how your home looks right now?  

As a real estate agent, I look at homes 24/7/365. Let me reassure you that you don’t have to be a professional interior designer or do a complete overhaul to revitalize your home. There are tons of little things you can do to spark life back into your place for next to nothing if it’s become run-of-the-mill.  

Check out my DIY quick fixes and home improvement hacks to make your home feel fresh and fun again. 

Everyone Likes Light, Bright, & Airy 

Here’s something I bet you never thought of: use the same light bulbs throughout your house. Warm light bulbs at the same temperature will instantly bring a cohesive glow to your space.  

Better yet – install dimmers! Then you can control any ambiance to your preference.   

Update Your Home Decor  

This statement sounds daunting, I know – but hear me out. Simplicity is key for updating any home decor. Clearing out any clutter and bringing in one new element makes the whole process very easy-peasy, and the return on your (minor) investment high. 

Here are some tips: 

  • Buy things in pairs, like lamps, chairs, mirrors, and end tables. Items like these will help balance the room when placed across the room from each other and can also create a subtle theme.  
  • Get that statement piece. A bold orange throw pillow in a room of neutral colors. A unique piece of artwork that is conversation-worthy hung above the couch. A cool sculpture from the flea market. A patterned throw rug. Find something that is a show-stopper and make it the highlight of the room. For this to work, it must be the primary piece in the room (so get just one piece from the antique store). By the way, a well-placed piece of artwork (at least 6” above the back of the sofa) can polish the whole aesthetic of your room. 
  • Swap out seasonal decor. Consider changing up your bedding, getting seasonal blankets and throw pillows for the living room that you rotate, or swapping out what you’ve got on your coffee table. If I might add – all white bedding looks very posh in the bedroom, as do fluffy white decorative towels and bathrobes in the powder room.  
  • Consider accenting your wooden staircase. Try adding tiles to the risers or a fashionable vintage rug as a runner to brighten up an entryway.  
  • Replace your drawer pulls. Get all new matching hardware in the same finish to bring the look together.  

Put in Pops of Color in Strategic Places 

Bright colors used sparingly can jazz up a room. I mentioned statement pieces earlier, but painting is relatively inexpensive, something you can do over the weekend with your sweetie while listening to music and enjoying a cocktail. It doesn’t require commitment since you can easily paint back over it.  

If painting sounds like a drag, what if you only do the ceiling? Or the interior of your window sashes? Or a door? You don’t have to paint a whole room – doing smaller elements will bring a different feel. 

Alternatively, if you’ve got that artistic bug, you could paint a mural on a wall (this works especially well for a nursery or a child’s room). There’s nothing like walking into a room with your own art up. Be sure to plan your design carefully so it feels like something that will stay relevant.  

Bring Some Life with Fresh Flowers or Plants 

You need to eat, right? Why not tack on some fresh, vibrant flowers to your weekly grocery list? There’s no better way to bring life to a space than greenery.  

You can also invest in some green plants that do well inside. Any nursery can advise you on the best houseplants for your space. Be sure to ask about plants that may not get much light so that you’re placing them appropriately. As a bonus, certain houseplants are very good for purifying the air in your home. 

Extra credit: make your vase an accent piece with an unusual one! 

Let’s Get in Touch 

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