Pros and Cons of Having a House with a Pool

Summer is heating up, which leaves many of us dreaming of taking a cool dip in our own pool. But is a private pool worth the worry or cost? If you want to buy a home with a pool, check out these pros and cons of a pool before diving further into Tampa real estate listings.

The Pros & Cons of a Home with Pool

Pro: Cool Down Quick in Summer

A Florida summer is practically a six-month affair. Rather than frequent trips to the beach to cool down, you can easily jump in your own house pool, swim around, or just float. A pool provides an easy recreational activity. 

Pro: Always Available

When you have a private pool you can take advantage of it every day or whenever you want. No worries about pool hours — you set the rules. Prefer early morning swims? Like floating beneath the stars? Enjoy your pool on your own time.

Pro: Entertaining Made Easy

A pool is almost a ready-made party here in Florida. Many hot months mean plenty of opportunities to host get-togethers around the pool. A pool is practically a ready-made party. Provide some food and music and your guests will gladly lounge around or play a rousing game of pool volleyball. It is also perfect for children’s birthday parties, just make sure to have plenty of floaties!

Pro: Beautiful Backyard Styling

A pool makes creating your own backyard oasis easy. Whether you choose Acacia loungers or a tiki bar with high stools, you can add usable space to your home by utilizing the areas around your pool to make them functional for entertaining, relaxing, and playing. Be sure to create plenty of shady spots with umbrellas, gazebos, or other fixtures so that you and your family can escape the hot Florida sun when needed!

Con: Maintenance 

There are two types of maintenance you need to consider when it comes to a pool: chemical maintenance and system maintenance.

To maintain an enjoyable swimming experience, you need to regularly check the chlorine levels and ph of your pool water. This helps keep algae at bay. You can hire a service to have this done for you, or purchase a kit and take care of it yourself.

You also need to regularly clean your pool by removing debris and rinsing out your filter so that your pumps keep working properly. With new tech, this is a pretty easy job. There are cute roomba-like vacuums that will keep your pool clean. Keep a pool net on hand for larger leaves and bugs, and make sure to clean out your filters. A pool service can handle all of this for you, as well. 

Failing to do these things regularly can impact how long your pool systems last. Plus, if the chemicals in your pool are not correct, it can lead to skin irritation.

Con: Additional Insurance Costs

Your homeowners’ insurance policy may cost more if you choose a home with a pool. This is because you will need to have insurance to cover potential accidents and to cover any issues that may arise with the pool itself. Most people do not realize this when looking for a house with a pool, so it is good to be aware of this additional cost from the outset. To learn more about insurance coverage requirements and how the additional coverage may impact your monthly payments, speak with your insurance agent. 

Con: Increased Utility Costs

Pools are constantly cycling water through a filter. This always-on feature means that homes with a pool will likely have higher electrical costs. In addition, some pools have heaters. Using these heaters during cooler months can also increase electrical costs.

And of course, there is the cost of filling the pool. While this cost is higher during the initial fill, there may be times when you need to add additional water to your pool. 

Con: Safety Concerns

Most areas have safety regulations for backyard pools. This can include maintaining a specific size of fence around your pool and using particular gate latches to minimize the chances of young children accessing the pool area unaccompanied. 

If you are thinking of buying a home with a pool, check that the current setup meets safety regulations for your area. If it does not, ascertain how much it will cost to add the necessary safety features.

If you do not like the current fence, make sure to research the regulations so that any fencing you choose to replace it is up to code.

Pro or Con: Resale

In some areas, selling a home with a pool can be harder than selling a home without a pool. However, in Florida, pools are practically a mainstay. If you’re concerned about being able to sell your home with a pool later on, talk to your Realtor. She can fill you in on her past experiences to provide you with a more accurate picture based on her experience and her knowledge of your neighborhood.

Looking for a Home with a Pool?

If you want your own piece of paradise right in your backyard, a Tampa home with a pool may just fit the bill. Or perhaps you’d like the benefits of a pool without the additional expenses or responsibilities. If so, we can identify homes with a community pool that meets your needs.

Ready to start looking? Let’s chat about what you need so I can put together some listings for you.