new normal

With a vaccine being distributed to first responders and vulnerable populations, many of us are starting to wonder what a post-pandemic America will be like. It has been a long nine months of worry and change. In addition to changes to our habits, a Harvard Study looked into the pandemic’s following impacts.

New Normal: Personal Effects

We have all been through a trying time. This pandemic has forced many people to deal with the trauma of losing a lost one, the instability of loss of employment, and general isolation from social distancing. It has been an emotional time that may impact younger Americans for years to come.

Increase in Remote Work

In March, many companies allowed their employees to work remotely. Most of those workers will be back in offices post-pandemic; however, some employees may find that they now have the flexibility to work from home

Empty Commercial Spaces

The pandemic has impacted restaurants, bars, and shops. While limitations on these businesses have varied from state to state, most restaurants, bars, and retailers saw a shift in consumer behavior. Restaurants adapted by introducing take-out, and shops added curbside pickup. However, plenty of small businesses have been unable to weather the storm and forced to shutter their shops. This has left empty commercial properties in every affected area.

Because of restrictions, many shoppers increased their use of online platforms, choosing to purchase from Amazon rather than small retailers.

These are not the only effects the pandemic has had, though. If you have been in the market for a home, you know that there is less housing inventory. While mortgage rates have hit all-time lows, it can be hard to find a home that matches all of your criteria. Having a skilled Tampa Realtor on your side can make the difference. If you are needing more space to accommodate your new normal, let’s talk.