sold sign

It is practically an understatement to say that the current Tampa real estate market is something we have never seen before. Low housing inventory and low mortgage rates have created a boon for sellers. 

If you have been sitting on the fence regarding selling your property, you should consider these numbers from a survey:

  • 82% of homes sold for more than their listing price
  • 27% of sellers say they accepted $10,000 or more than their listing prices for their homes
  • 90% on the market in April sold in under a month

It is definitely a seller’s market—and with that comes the ability to set the terms.

According to the survey cited above, many sellers are saying “no” to contingencies. They are looking to close quickly, often accepting offers that are 30 days to close. Twenty-eight percent required an all-cash payment to make closing run more smoothly, and 14% of sellers elected to sell their homes as-is and dispense with any kind of negotiation. 

Because of the high demand for homes in the Tampa area, it is the perfect time to sell. Even if you were thinking of selling a year or two from now, it is a good time to reconsider to determine whether you are better off taking advantage of this hot market. Want help thinking things through? Ready to list your home and take advantage of the current Tampa real estate market? Let’s talk. Contact me and let’s discuss your options.