Get More From Your Space with These Backyard Design Ideas

Across the nation, Americans are spending more time at home. To maximize your space and make your home seem larger, why not focus on backyard design?

While you can certainly increase your square footage with an addition, making use of outdoor space can provide the same feeling without the construction and permits. (Of course, if you must have more space, give me a call and let’s talk about what’s on the market!)

Here is a roundup of some exciting backyard design tips to help you get more from your land and enjoy your outdoor space.

Decking Ideas for Backyard Design

Of course, we’re going to start with your deck!

If you’ve been cooped up inside, creating an inspiring space outdoors can help get you outside more.


If you are working remotely, consider getting a sturdy outdoor table that can double as your open-air office. Imagine checking your emails while feeling the breeze and sunlight on your face. While it won’t necessarily make the emails any better, it will help get you some more Vitamin D and help you feel like you aren’t always cramped into the same corner of your home office.

Invest in some comfortable seating to make your space work as an al-fresco dining area as well.

Accessorize With Lighting

There are multiple ways you can go with lighting. Choose lighting that attaches to your posts or stair rails to outline your deck, string lights for a party vibe, or solar stake lights to help outline your space.

Lighting can help you create focal points and add ambiance in addition to making it easier to maneuver around in the dark.


Plants can help you create a different vibe on your deck. Mix planters for a bohemian vibe, or stick to terracotta for a nice Spanish feel. 

Look for plants that will thrive in the amount of sunlight your space gets. That means you’ll want to pick the spot for your plant before buying the plant. This will help save you some heartache by ensuring the plant you choose is ideal for the space you have.

Multiple Seating Areas

Depending on the size of your deck, you can increase your relaxation space by creating different seating areas. For example, you can have your traditional dining area close to your outdoor kitchen and then have a secondary spot close to some plants or a small fire pit. 

When creating your seating areas, think about the views. Lower yourself to sitting height and look out. Which view would you want to frame? From there, you can decide what type of chairs or bench would help you capitalize upon your view.

To better outline your seating areas and create “rooms” outside, think about adding some outdoor rugs.

Patio & Pavers

Many of the backyard design ideas mentioned for decks can also be replicated on a patio or paver surface. You are really only limited by size. Even then, it’s totally okay to have a gorgeous seating area in a grassy section of your yard! You can even string a hammock from some trees to create a relaxing tropical vibe.


There is something magical about roasting marshmallows above a fire! With cooler nights ahead, a fire pit can help create an outdoor gathering spot where you can bask in the warmth of the flames, make s’mores, and enjoy some socially distant gatherings.

There are an assortment of beautiful fire pits on the market, both wood burning and propane-powered. Alternatively, you can build your own out of some bricks or stones. 

Pool Areas

Pool areas can be really fun to design. From colorful umbrellas and loungers to subdued hues that tie into your landscaping, your pool area can help set the tone for your outdoor space. You can opt for all white furniture, a variety of wood furniture, or go eclectic by mixing styles.

Again, you can create multiple seating areas so that the adults can gather at one end of the pool while the kids can take over the other. 

Hide unsightly pumps, speakers, lighting, or fencing with well-placed landscaping and find an attractive outdoor chest to hold pool toys or cleaning supplies.


Bars may be open, but if you aren’t interested in ordering drinks at the local watering hole, why not make your own?

A small outdoor bar is a great addition to any backyard design. You can take the idea in so many directions! Whether you opt for a thatched-roof topical bar in your yard or a more sports bar vibe complete with a TV on your covered patio, you’ll get plenty of use out of your bar if you inject your own personality into it. You can even connect it to your outdoor kitchen to make meal and drink prep a breeze.


Looking for more space to play with the kids? Why not create a space dedicated to outdoor games like lawn darts, horseshoes, giant Jenga, and more? You can even find outdoor chess sets for the more strategically-minded. 

Depending on the size of your yard, you can also opt for a soccer goal or a pitch back. The latter is great for practicing pitching or tossing a football and it gives kids a place to play while mom or dad takes another Zoom meeting.

More Seating

If your deck is on the smaller side, don’t feel limited! You can create additional seating areas in your yard. Adirondack chairs and benches are great for this! Depending on your style, you can use an arbor or gazebo to help create a magical nook. Again, consider the views from your yard when deciding where to place your chairs. Add a small table for your ice tea or book.

Ponds and Water Features

Many of us find water relaxing. And while most of us can’t have the beach in our backyards, we can add a pond or other water features to help create a meditative space. Imagine a simple koi pond or birdbath, or dream big with a fountain. Add landscaping to help eke out a segment of your yard and transform it into your new sanctuary.

Outdoor Kitchens

In addition to staying at home more, many of us are also cooking more. But let’s be honest, cooking in your kitchen day in and day out can get a little boring. To expand your kitchen footprint, consider creating an outdoor kitchen. There are so many amazing grills and outdoor pizza ovens on the market. When shopping around, consider where you’ll house your appliance. Will it be covered? You can also create a bespoke prep area with a countertop and mini-fridge so you can do everything outside!

Looking for a home with more outdoor space? You aren’t alone. Outdoor space is at a premium in Tampa, but there are still plenty of homes with great square footage and views. Contact me and we can talk more about your wish list for your next home!