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As the total value of the US housing market has reached over $2.6 trillion, Florida has benefited from the rise, reaching #2 overall for the US, bumping New York down to third place. California still clings to that top spot—but here in Florida, we’re coming for ‘em! 

Two Florida metro areas really shine—Miami-Fort Lauderdale at $1,269.8 billion (up 8.6% since June) and Tampa at $521.1 billion (up 3.7% since June). Four housing markets have gained incredible value since 2020, including Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando. 

So, what does that mean for Florida home sellers? 

It’s the perfect time to sell your Florida home! Whether you’ve done this before or have no idea how to get started, I can help you make the most of these rising home values. Reach out to get started today.