Have you been working from home during the pandemic? For many Americans, that has been the new norm for the past several months. However, many of those same people do not have a home office and are not accustomed to working from home.

While the turn to remote work potentially helped slow the spread of COVID-19, it also brought attention to another issue. Work-life balance has suffered for many as they attempt to take care of children or work at home while others are also working at home.

There is no fast and easy answer. However, Realtor Leslie Carver of Nevada noted that more buyers are looking for larger spaces, most notably with a home office.

While some places of work are opening back up, others are extending their work-at-home programs. This means that many Tampa residents may choose to upsize and seek homes that have enough space to safely house everyone and provide ample workspace.

Combine that with the low financing and the real estate demand that has been building up during the pandemic, and both sellers and buyers may be looking at a perfect storm. We expect to see the typical spring rush this summer with more homeowners feeling confident and listing their homes. Throughout the pandemic, the Tampa real estate market has stayed strong. All indications point to its continued growth as buyer demand continues.

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