middle income; build net worth; middle income homeowners

The National Association of RealtorsⓇ (NAR) just published a new housing report last month comparing a monthly mortgage to a built-in savings account – a piggy bank that builds net worth a whopping 40 times higher than renting. 

This makes perfect sense. Every time you make a payment, you’re paying down more and more of the principal, which builds equity over time. So while renting may make sense for some, when you’re paying someone else to use their space, they’re the ones who are benefitting from the investment, not you.

When put this way, growing your own savings by 40x is kinda hard to pass up, don’t you think?  

Homeownership can be a stepping stone to long-term wealth and financial stability for families and generations to come, even for low-income earners and middle-income homeowners. While different areas accumulate gains at different rates, metro areas tend to appreciate the quickest, and Florida home values are definitely growing!

The Tampa real estate market continues to be hot; there’s nowhere to go here but up. The Tampa market has been strong for a very long time, so purchasing a house will get you a great return on your investment. Whether it’s a second home, a better home, or a fun renovation project you intend to sell, I’d love to get you going! Ping me and let me know if you need some help buying or selling here in Tampa. I know this area inside and out as a Tampa native, and I can give you the scoop on the real estate trends, both nationally and locally!