backyard pool ideas

A backyard pool is a wonderful amenity, yet many of us do not make full use of them. If you have a pool or are looking to purchase a property with one, here are some backyard pool ideas to help make yours a year-round retreat for you and your family.

8 Ideas For Leveling-Up Your Backyard Space

Heat it Up

One simple way to make your pool work for you year-round is to add a heater.  A simple pool heater, which can be installed in just a day, will allow you to swim every day without worrying about cold water in December. There are plenty of options available, including solar-powered heaters to take advantage of all that Tampa sunshine. It is a great seasonal addition that will help you maximize your pool use!

Backyard Pool Ideas: Enclose it

Pool enclosures can help you keep your pool clean, protect little ones from diving in unattended, and create a distinct backyard space. While many of us may envision the aluminum and screen structures that are so common, you are by no means limited to those standard enclosures!

Many gorgeous enclosures have popped up over the years, allowing homeowners to create architectural features right in their backyards. There are large telescoping polycarbonate enclosures that you can secure to a wall and open or close, allowing you to swim on cold or rainy days and then open up the enclosure on hot days.

There is sure to be something that suits your style with so many options and adds value to your home while letting you use your personal oasis year-round.

Build a Pool Shed or House

If too much clutter is keeping you from enjoying your pool to the fullest, consider buying or constructing a shed to hold your pool supplies and toys. 

Purchasing a storage shed is an easy way to create additional space for keeping all the fun inflatables and outdoor games when they are not in use. Reducing the amount of items constantly on display in your yard can help you create a more serene and inviting space that you are more likely to take advantage of.

If you have enough land, you can also consider building a small pool house. Depending on your goals, your pool house could have a kitchen for outdoor parties and snack storage, a large TV-watching area for games, space for guests to sleep over, and more. (You can even add that temporary home office if you need to.)

If you would like to go this route, make sure to check out your local zoning regulations or speak to a knowledgeable contractor.

Get Cooking

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to any pool space and instantly attract guests to gather around for some good grub. 

A popular backyard pool idea, you can equip your outdoor kitchen with your favorite grill, a pizza oven, or a smoker. If your cooking area is covered, you can even maintain some appliances outside like a mini-fridge or a wine fridge to help you entertain and cook with ease. Imagine quickly grabbing the shish-kabobs from your mini-fridge and grilling them up while serving up a nice Chardonnay!

Create Distinct Areas

Make your backyard more functional by splitting it up into distinct areas. You can create small niches in your backyard to help give everyone a fun space to hang out. I have already mentioned an outdoor kitchen, but how about a lounging space with hammock chairs or a sandpit for the little ones? Having a dedicated space for outdoor games can keep the kids from somehow getting giant Jenga pieces all over the yard (hopefully).

You can also use your outdoor furniture to provide the feel of separate spaces. For example, a couple of loungers with a side table on one end of the pool are perfect for sunbathing, relaxing, or reading. Adirondack chairs around your fire pit create a great spot for conversation or smores. 

If you want to create some shade, consider a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion. Retractable shades can now be controlled remotely and are much more attractive than they used to be. With comfortable seating, you can even use your new shaded spot to work remotely or as an outdoor arts and crafts space for the kids.

Focus on Landscaping

The flora and fauna you choose to surround your pool can help elevate your space and make your aesthetic clearer. Opt for a lush paradise with colorful tropical plants and flowers, or skip the green and stick with rocks and stones to create the waterfall of your dreams.

Prefer a more modern look? You can use sleek planters to hold hardy plants that require minimum care and clad the pool area in smooth stones or gorgeous hardwood rather than concrete.

Bring the Noise

There are excellent outdoor stereo systems on the market that are perfect for imbuing your pool area with additional ambiance. You can easily control your tunes from an app or a control panel and have your favorite songs playing as you lounge poolside or stream calming sounds for your outdoor yoga practice. You can even use an underwater speaker to hear your tunes playing while you do laps or practicing diving.

Light It Up

We do not tend to think of light as creating different spaces, but when the sun sets, your lighting can undoubtedly set the mood and highlight the places where your family and guests can gather. You can also utilize pool lighting in a variety of other ways:  

  • Coordinate them to the beat of your music
  • Use solar or LED lights to frame walkways
  • Decorate with outdoor string lights or lanterns to keep dining areas comfortable
  • Provide citronella tiki torches to chase the mosquitos away.

If you are still in the daydreaming phase and are thinking of sprucing up your future pool, reach out and let’s make that dream a reality!