luxury home

Tampa has numerous gorgeous neighborhoods featuring luxury homes anyone would love to live in. However, because the market for these homes is smaller than for median home real estate, selling them requires a different approach. Here is what you need to know about how to sell luxury real estate in the Tampa area.

Tip #1: Partner With a Luxury Real Estate Agent

If you are wondering how to sell luxury real estate, the first thing you need to do is contact a luxury real estate agent that understands the market. In this case, your market is not just luxury homes but luxury homes in Tampa. That means that your Realtor must be knowledgeable about the intersection of both markets. It is not enough to just seek out someone with experience selling homes in Tampa. If you want to sell a luxury home in the Tampa area, you need someone who has a history of specifically selling luxury homes in Tampa. Otherwise, your real estate agent may not market your home in a way that is appealing to the right people.

Tip #2: Be Move-In Ready

When purchasing a home, the last thing many people want to do is take on a bunch of projects. This is especially true for higher-end homes. One key for selling a luxury home is to have all repairs and renovations done before listing it so you can advertise that it is move-in ready. This includes toning down personalized elements like statement walls that may not appeal to potential buyers. 

If you know, for example, that your roof was damaged during the last storm, get a roofer out to fix it up. If you have any unfinished projects, it is time to wrap them up!

Tip #3: Use Pros that Can Amplify Your Home

Your luxury real estate agent will have partnerships with skilled stagers, photographers, and a marketing team that can prep your home for the limelight.

First up, using her eye for detail, your Realtor will let you know what needs to happen to get your home market-ready. For example, if your house could use a curb appeal boost, she may recommend repainting some shutters, fixing your driveway, or landscaping. From there, she will turn her eye to the interior of your home. Your Realtor will connect you with a stager if necessary to help your home appeal to the right audience. Afterward, she will have a professional photographer take shots highlighting everything that makes your home stand out. Your photos will be used as part of your marketing collateral, bringing us to the next pro you need.

To engage potential buyers, you will need a marketer on your team who can create exciting descriptions of your property, sell sheets, and more. An enticing listing is a combination of beautiful photography and skilled copywriting that helps a potential buyer envision what their life could be like if they bought your property. Your Realtor will help shape the description of your home with her knowledge of the neighborhood and the market in general—including what your area has to offer potential buyers.

Tip #4: Nail Down Your Amenities

Because your Realtor understands your market, she will be able to highlight the most attractive points about your home and share them with potential buyers. The perceived importance of different amenities varies between neighborhoods, so this insight is crucial for creating a narrative that hooks potential buyers from the start.

For example, if you have a penthouse condo in a desirable Tampa neighborhood, your Realtor will note how close it is to desirable shopping and restaurants, security features, and complex amenities like pools and tennis courts. Whereas if you are selling a luxury single-family home, features like privacy and access to a boat dock might be highlighted. And of course, we can’t forget about the views! 

Tip #5: Create a Video Tour

Luxury homes in Florida are of interest to more than just Florida residents. To make it easy to reach potential buyers looking for luxury Tampa real estate, create a video tour that can easily be viewed by individuals across the country. 

Video tours took off in popularity because of the Covid pandemic, though they were already popular in some segments of the real estate market. With luxury homes, having a video tour available means that buyers in New York City, for example, can view your home online during their free time before booking a ticket to check it out in person. It can also ensure that those who do make an appointment for a viewing are truly interested.

Tip #6: Skip the Open Houses

Too often, an open house for a luxury home can turn into a tour for the curious. Open houses are an invitation for individuals who may not have the means to purchase your property to have a look around. 

Because the luxury home market is smaller than the median home market, you may be best served by hosting appointment-only viewings. This will limit the number of people coming through your space and allow for Realtors to verify that visitors are truly interested in and able to afford your home.

Tip #7: There Is No Wrong Time

In certain areas, luxury homes only hit the market in the spring or summer months. However, because we are blessed with gorgeous weather year-round here, our real estate market does not have as many dips and slow downs as markets in colder areas. This is perfect for luxury homeowners looking to sell. There is no reason to delay selling a home until the spring—because of our unique weather; it is always the right time to sell.

If you are wondering how to sell luxury real estate, the most important step you can take is reaching out to a pro. With years of experience helping homeowners in the Tampa luxury home market, I know the ins-and-out of connecting top-rated properties with the perfect audience of potential buyers. Let’s talk about how to get your home sold—contact me today!