Tampa Vacation Home

Have you ever wanted to own your own vacation home? For many Americans, having a second home can be a dream come true. With a dedicated vacation spot that you love, you can take a break from the everyday whenever you want. Whether you plan to stop by a few weeks a year or spend months in your Tampa vacation home, here are 6 reasons you should consider purchasing your own property.

Strong Investment

Home prices have consistently remained strong in the Tampa area despite the pandemic, and they are expected to increase over the coming year. Combined with low mortgage rates, a Tampa vacation home is a strong investment that will pay off in equity further down the line.

While many people looking for a vacation home may be priced out of certain markets like Miami, Tampa remains affordable. You can secure a luxury Tampa vacation home for much less than anything you can find on South Beach.

But it is not just a financial investment. Owning your vacation home is an emotional investment. Say goodbye to the discomfort of staying at someone else’s rental or at a hotel where you do not know what room you will get and who will be making noise in the room next to you. When you own your own vacation home, you will know what to expect when you get there. Not only will this allow you to relax more quickly, but it also provides a sense of comfort you will not find elsewhere.

Exciting Location

Whether you want to keep your Tampa vacation home to yourself or list it on Airbnb when you are not using it, the Tampa area is extremely popular, thanks to the numerous attractions the city has to offer.

Tampa is perfectly situated near a variety of amusement parks, beaches, and cultural centers. Whether you want a Tampa home to easily make it out to as many Spring Training games as possible or to enjoy the culinary delights of the various restaurants that dot the eclectic neighborhoods of the Tampa Bay region, I can help you find the right home and location that will make your next vacation a dream.

Enjoy Busch Gardens, the Tampa Riverwalk , the Tampa Museum of Art, Clearwater Beach, Weedon Island Preserve, and lots more! Tampa has its own international airport, so you or your guests can easily hop on a flight in the morning and be on the beach or poolside in the afternoon.

Your Ideal Amenities

When you invest in a Tampa vacation home, you can choose the amenities that are most important to you. Plus, you can remodel your property to best suit your lifestyle. Whether you love large professional-grade kitchens to cook up a storm when you’re vacationing or romantic outdoor spaces to enjoy the cool evenings, owning your own vacation home allows you the luxury of customizing your property so that it’s everything you dreamed of.

Your home can be customized to your needs, from the landscaping and pool to the linens and pillows. Say goodbye to uncomfortable beds at vacation rentals and sleep soundly, knowing that you have made a good investment—both financially and emotionally.

Plus, no more hoping that a certain rental is available. While short-term rentals are more common now, in a popular vacation spot like Tampa, it can be hard to find an available home that checks off all the boxes. The most popular rental homes can be booked for months or years in advance!

Owning your vacation home means it will always be available to you, so you can enjoy spur-of-the-moment mini-vacations whenever you need a break—no need to plan ahead or worry about schedule changes.


When looking for a Tampa vacation home, you can choose a property with plenty of space for you and your family—and even your extended family, if you so desire. Whether you are looking for a two-bedroom, two-bath condo with plenty of amenities or a 5 bedroom estate near a golf course, I can help you find the right amount of space at the perfect location.

Plus, owning your own vacation home means no more cramped hotel rooms where family members have to double up. Everyone will be able to spread out and enjoy themselves.

Tax Perks

If you consistently rent a vacation home, you pay taxes and fees on top of the rental cost. Depending on the length of your stay, this could be a whole mortgage payment with only your memories and photos to show off for it.

When you invest in a Tampa vacation home, you can take advantage of low mortgage rates and score tax perks at the same time. You’ll be able to write-off your mortgage interest payments come April 15th.

If you choose to use your home as an investment property for short-term rentals, you can even generate income! Short-term rentals are extremely popular because of the flexibility they provide for tourists. With so many short-term rental companies around, it is easy to get started listing your property. (Though you may want a property manager who can handle any issues that arise if you live out of state.)

Vacation Your Way

When you own your own Tampa vacation home, you live life on your schedule. There is no need to worry about checkout times or additional fees.  Need to move your vacation back a week because of work or family obligations? Not a problem! 

Ready to start your adventure? Let’s talk about what you are looking for in a Tampa vacation home! I can give you the guidance you need to choose the perfect neighborhood for you and provide you with insight into all things Tampa. As a native of the area, I love talking to people interested in spending time here and share all the information you need to find that perfect Tampa vacation home. Contact me today.